Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Brush with the D List

On my recent trip to Vegas, I didn't have any true celebrity sightings, but I did have a couple brushes with the D list...although if there were an E list, that might be a better classification for these people.

While at the Ghost Bar we saw a camera crew shooting some people dancing.  I didn't think much of it at first.  Then we noticed there was one particular person they seemed to be following.  He didn't look familiar at all and was too small to be an athlete.  They were filming him talking to three girls which made us wonder if it was a reality show.  When he walked away from them, I commented to my friend that it couldn't be a TV show or the girls would need to sign a waiver.  About 10 seconds after I said that a man with a clipboard came up to them and had them sign some paperwork.  One of my friends asked someone working there what they were filming and they said, "The Real World".  We later saw them filming another scene with a guy and girl sitting on a a couch trying to look all serious.  It just looked really fake to have all this music and dancing going on and then these bright lights on two people having "serious" conversation.

Another night I was gambling at the MGM at a fun table where we were all talking.  The usual questions went around....where are you staying, where are you from, and what do you do for a living.  One guy stated he was an actor living in LA and another person said to him, somewhat sarcastically, "how is that going for you?".  Actor man said it was going well so the other guy asked if we'd seem him in anything to which he replied he was in a Goodyear commercial and would be a recurring character on the upcoming season of Friday Night Lights.  That last part got my attention!  Not that I was so intrigued by him, but I love that show so I quizzed him on what his character would be doing and then also asked all sorts of questions about the cast.  If anyone is watching the new season, he plays Derek, Julie's TA at college.  He was the only quiet one at the blackjack table and didn't really want to talk to us so I asked my questions and then let it go. 

So that's brush with the D list.  My friend on the other hand, was chosen to be a participant in the David Copperfield show and he made her disappear from the stage!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stay tuned...

I'll be back soon!  Just crazy busy with work lately...budget season is upon us.  I also had a great trip to Vegas a couple weeks ago and my dad was here visiting last weekend.  I bought a new camera that is super small and easy to carry around so I've been taking more pictures lately to include here so please don't give up on me!