Friday, April 23, 2010

Large...A Relative Term

Bathing suit shopping is never fun. Maybe for about 1% of the population it is, but not me. I've been buying suits online so I don't have to see myself under the lights and bad mirrors in the stores. I get them in the mail, try them on at home and then send back whatever I don't like. It's ridiculous to me how small bathing suits run. I always order "large", since I can't see them to tell what size I need, but some of these suits are still tiny. I wonder if it is just their way of telling me that if I can't fit into the "large" that I have no business wearing the suit at all.

I just need the confidence and self esteem that this guy has!

Don't Lie to the Children

Thursday was Take Your Child to Work Day. At my work they put on quite a day for the kids with activities all day. There were structured activities like an obstacle course, scavenger hunt, demonstrations in the TV studio and hot dogs and cookies for lunch. I don't know what else because I don't have kids and just had to deal with them running through the place all day. Some even played ping pong with their parent or sat in the massage chair. This all sounds good to me...sign me up! But this isn't what work is really like. Quit lying to the kids and tell them what it's really like...or just let them be kids and think their parents are cool.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Cancun Gauntlet

The company we are using to drive us from the Cancun airport to our hotel in the Riviera Maya sent us this information. I had heard there are aggressive salespeople at the airport, but this doesn't seem like a great way to start a vacation. I will be good once I am at the resort with a cocktail in my hand though.


If you have been to Cancun before, you already know this information, but it might be worth reviewing anyway.

After exiting the airplane you will be directed to Immigration where your passport will be stamped and you will be granted a tourist visa, which is usually for 180 days (varying by your country of origin.) As you exit the immigration area and enter the baggage claim, you will likely encounter salespeople calling out to you from their booths, sometimes in a very official-sounding tone, asking to see your passport, documents or transfer papers. Our advice to you is to politely wave off anyone who calls you over. There is no need for you to show any papers to anyone except at immigration and when passing the customs line. The only thing you might do is take any pamphlets that are offered, such as the Map-A brochure and 'Cancun Tips', because these do indeed have valuable coupons and maps in them for future use.

Once you get your luggage, you will pass through customs and will be asked to push a large button which will randomly give you a green or red light. If you get a red light, your luggage will be searched. A green light means you are free to proceed through to the exit.

Two more tidbits of advice: Aggressive luggage handlers will likely attempt to grab your bag(s) right out of your hands and put them on their luggage cart. The distance you need to carry stuff is not very far and unless you have a lot and can't manage it yourself, you should just say 'NO GRACIAS' to them and they'll leave you alone. And lastly, be wary of anyone who offers you a ride but then asks you where you are going. This probably means you are being 'slammed' by another transport company trying to get you to switch to their van (and, of course, pay their fee.)

Anguilla, Not Angola

My vacation is only 16 days away! We are going to St. John and Anguilla...funny thing is that I guess I don't pronounce Anguilla very well because in the past two days two people have though I said Angola. It's kind of funny the look on people's face when they think I said Angola. No...I am not going to the country in southern Africa. I'm going to the small Caribbean island in the British West Indies.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Letting Go

He says I need to let go. I don't see it as not wanting to let go, but wanting to keep them safe. It's a big bad world out there that is dangerous for a little kitty. My husband wants to let the cats go outside, preferably full time since he is upset about them ruining furniture and peeing outside the litter box. We have occasionally taken them in the back yard and watched them, but now he's letting them go out and not watching them. They are more adventurous when we go with them. Now Minky goes by himself and comes back after a few minutes, but each time he stays out longer. Yesterday when he didn't come back after his usual time I went out looking for him and couldn't find him. I thought for sure he was gone and I'd never see him again. By the time I got back to the house, practically in tears, he was waiting by the door to be let in.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Department of Not Found

I've been reading up on Mexico in preparation for my trip and found these very important questions on the FAQ section of the Cancun airport's web site.

Q) I am an American visiting Cancun for the weekend. During my trip I want to buy a cat and take it home with me to USA. Am I allowed to buy a pet and take it home with me? Where should I buy a pet? Is there any place where they have kittens for sale or free? Do I need to buy a cage for my pet? What are the regulations about that exactly?

A) You need to contact your nearest US Customs agency and ask about proper documentation and information regarding taking live animals to the US. We do not have information about where or how to buy pets. We’re sure you can get that once you are in Cancun.

Really? I knew people like to go to Mexico for prescription drugs and duty free liquor...but cats? Mikey at Petsmart is still available, no need to go to Mexico. Just because Angelina gets here babies from other countries doesn't mean you should get your pets from other countries.

Here's another:

Q) I believe I lost my camera at the airport yesterday. All the telephone numbers on the website say they are only in Spanish. I cannot speak Spanish. I may have left the camera in the security bin. Can I communicate or speak to someone about this matter?

A) You can call at 8 48 72 00 ext 1221 Department of Not Found with Mr. Raúl Ramón Romero(He speaks English) and you should be able to find him from 4:00 to 6:00 PM

I would just give up on the camera...I can't imagine finding much in this Department of Not Found and my guess is Raul may sometimes cut his 2 hour shift per day short.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


My brother's dog Coco is a mom again! 10 puppies!!! I can't help but be nervous with what happened last time. I will get to go visit the puppies when they area about six weeks old. Way to go Coco!

Coco's puppies - scroll down to the "SNOW" litter.

WW: Week 5

Well, I'm not back on track yet. Last week is now a blur with how busy it was at work. I only journaled my food for 2 days and didn't really pay attention to what I ate. I will admit there were donuts and cookies and mexican and margaritas involved so I'm really surprised I actually lost some weight. I think it might have been water or whatever from the big gain the week before so I'm not feeling like I accomplished anything. My vacation is only three and a half weeks away and my goal now still over five pounds away (although I'd really 8 or 11 to get to my all time lowest or even lower). If I'm really sticking the program I can do 1.5 per week which will get me close to my "realistic" goal. A couple weeks ago I was so close that I though I would breeze past it, but now that's not the case. The bikini I wanted looked horrific on me so I'm still on the hunt for new bathing suits.

Here are the results:
2.4 loss for the week / 2.8 loss overall

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I usually don't look at the kitties in cages at the pet store because it makes me so sad. A week or two ago I did though and one kitty stole my heart. I saw him from far away and he caught my eye because he looked like a short haired version of my Manny. I walked to over to see him and he was very friendly, rubbing his head on the side of the glass and meowing at me. I wish I could have pet him, but he was in an enclosed area. I could tell he was lost from a home because he had a bit of a belly. Today I was back at the store and I checked to see if he was still there...unfortunately, he was. He was sound asleep. I hope his owners find him or he gets a new home soon because living in a cage at Petsmart isn't much of a life for a cat.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh, Mexico

Ole! I just booked another vacation! I got a great deal thru my work for an adults only all inclusive in the Riviera Maya area of Mexico. I'm not a big fan of Mexico since the two times I've been there haven't been the greatest, but I have been interested in Riviera Maya. It was walloped by hurricanes a few years ago and the beaches really sufferred and became quite narrow. The beaches have been fixed up recently and this place looks amazing. I've never been to an all inclusive before so we'll see how that goes. I've often wondered about the quality of the food and drinks and prefer to just pay for what I want. The price is so good though that I'll deal with whatever food they have and I've read on message boards that they have the brands of alcohol that I like. We are going in June so let's just hope that hurricane season doesn't get off to a fast start. Oh, and that the drug wars stay out of this part of Mexico...

Here are some song lyrics about Mexico that I've had in my head.

Mexico by James Taylor
Oh, Mexico
I never really been but I'd sure like to go
Oh, Mexico
I guess I'll have to go now

Mexican Minutes by Brooks & Dunn
Up in the city it's crazy and concrete cold
Living life at the speed of light leaves dark in your soul
When every minute's got a heart attack in it, it's time to leave it alone
So I don't think we're gonna beat this postcard home

We're down to the worm in the bottle
The chips and the salsa are gone
Now we know why J.T. sang "Oh Mexico"

We're two days south of the border
Feeling too good to care why
These Mexican minutes get longer and longer
As the days goes by

We're dropping our worries and pickin up Espanol
Down here the sunsets are red, the tequila is gold
Life is sublime here on Mexican time
They've got something we need to learn
If we don't show for a while, don't be concerned

Coming Up for Air

This week really kicked my butt. Last weekend the weather was perfect so I stained our back deck and the front porch. I was up early both days to get it all done and I'm so happy it got done so early in the season so we can enjoy it more this summer. Work has been really busy. I've been getting in at 7:45 and working anywhere from 10 to 12 hours a day or more with one night until 1:30am. I keep hoping things will slow down, but it just hasn't happened yet. On the bright side, days go by very very quickly and I am grateful to have a job since many people don't. Last night I went out with the girls, but didn't stay out too late since I was so tired. It was nice to sleep in today and get woken up by Minky wanting to cuddle.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WW: Week 4

Oops. Momentum is gone again. The Biggest Loser contest at work ended and I came in fourth...just 0.1 pound more would have put me in the money. I did pretty well with losing 9.5 pounds over the 12 week contest. Now I'm quickly gaining it back. I decided to let loose a little and eat what I want for 1 day...then it turned into a week and I gained 4.6 pounds!!! I am really hoping some of this is water weight because I didn't go that crazy. I knew it would be up a little, but 4.6 completely shocked me. Ugh.

If anyone has any words of wisdom or encouragement...I need it right now.

Here are the results:
4.6 gain for the week / 0.4 loss overall