Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh, Mexico

Ole! I just booked another vacation! I got a great deal thru my work for an adults only all inclusive in the Riviera Maya area of Mexico. I'm not a big fan of Mexico since the two times I've been there haven't been the greatest, but I have been interested in Riviera Maya. It was walloped by hurricanes a few years ago and the beaches really sufferred and became quite narrow. The beaches have been fixed up recently and this place looks amazing. I've never been to an all inclusive before so we'll see how that goes. I've often wondered about the quality of the food and drinks and prefer to just pay for what I want. The price is so good though that I'll deal with whatever food they have and I've read on message boards that they have the brands of alcohol that I like. We are going in June so let's just hope that hurricane season doesn't get off to a fast start. Oh, and that the drug wars stay out of this part of Mexico...

Here are some song lyrics about Mexico that I've had in my head.

Mexico by James Taylor
Oh, Mexico
I never really been but I'd sure like to go
Oh, Mexico
I guess I'll have to go now

Mexican Minutes by Brooks & Dunn
Up in the city it's crazy and concrete cold
Living life at the speed of light leaves dark in your soul
When every minute's got a heart attack in it, it's time to leave it alone
So I don't think we're gonna beat this postcard home

We're down to the worm in the bottle
The chips and the salsa are gone
Now we know why J.T. sang "Oh Mexico"

We're two days south of the border
Feeling too good to care why
These Mexican minutes get longer and longer
As the days goes by

We're dropping our worries and pickin up Espanol
Down here the sunsets are red, the tequila is gold
Life is sublime here on Mexican time
They've got something we need to learn
If we don't show for a while, don't be concerned


lnnajman said...

I go to Puerto Vallarta on Wednesday for a conference. It's my first time to a resort in Mexico. Work is paying so why not? I've never really been anywhere except Tiajuna. Is PV one of the places you were disappointed in?

Anonymous said...

I've never been to Mexico, but I have been to all-inclusive at a Sandals resort in Jamaica. I have to say, I was VERY impressed with the food and drinks. Everything was incredible! We were eating 24/7 and there were different restaurants depending on what you wanted. We had everything from junk food to gourmet style high end dining and anything in between. It was really and truly the best way to vacation for people who love to drink and eat! I hope you have a similar experience!

Patrice said...

Laura - I have been to Ensenada and Cozumel. Ensenada was just a stop on a cruise. We spent 8 days in Cozumel a long time ago and it was just too long since there's not much to do there. I've never been to PV...let me know how it is!