Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WW: Week 4

Oops. Momentum is gone again. The Biggest Loser contest at work ended and I came in fourth...just 0.1 pound more would have put me in the money. I did pretty well with losing 9.5 pounds over the 12 week contest. Now I'm quickly gaining it back. I decided to let loose a little and eat what I want for 1 day...then it turned into a week and I gained 4.6 pounds!!! I am really hoping some of this is water weight because I didn't go that crazy. I knew it would be up a little, but 4.6 completely shocked me. Ugh.

If anyone has any words of wisdom or encouragement...I need it right now.

Here are the results:
4.6 gain for the week / 0.4 loss overall


Anonymous said...

It has to be water weight. It happens to me when I go off the wagon and eat poorly, then it disappears quickly. In fact, my co-worker offered me a water pill yesterday and I dropped 3 lbs overnight. I knew I retained a lot of water, but sheesh!

Allison said...

I would say, eat a little less when you indulge and exercise a little more. You are a smart, numbers girl...and it's all math. Burn more calories than you eat....lose weight.
But, also as we get closer to 40, our bodies don't want to let go of the chub and it's even harder to shed the don't give up.