Thursday, April 15, 2010

Department of Not Found

I've been reading up on Mexico in preparation for my trip and found these very important questions on the FAQ section of the Cancun airport's web site.

Q) I am an American visiting Cancun for the weekend. During my trip I want to buy a cat and take it home with me to USA. Am I allowed to buy a pet and take it home with me? Where should I buy a pet? Is there any place where they have kittens for sale or free? Do I need to buy a cage for my pet? What are the regulations about that exactly?

A) You need to contact your nearest US Customs agency and ask about proper documentation and information regarding taking live animals to the US. We do not have information about where or how to buy pets. We’re sure you can get that once you are in Cancun.

Really? I knew people like to go to Mexico for prescription drugs and duty free liquor...but cats? Mikey at Petsmart is still available, no need to go to Mexico. Just because Angelina gets here babies from other countries doesn't mean you should get your pets from other countries.

Here's another:

Q) I believe I lost my camera at the airport yesterday. All the telephone numbers on the website say they are only in Spanish. I cannot speak Spanish. I may have left the camera in the security bin. Can I communicate or speak to someone about this matter?

A) You can call at 8 48 72 00 ext 1221 Department of Not Found with Mr. Raúl Ramón Romero(He speaks English) and you should be able to find him from 4:00 to 6:00 PM

I would just give up on the camera...I can't imagine finding much in this Department of Not Found and my guess is Raul may sometimes cut his 2 hour shift per day short.

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