Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Vegas Dresses...and Shoes

Retailers should be happy whenever I travel since I seem to think I need new clothes and shoes for each trip.  Here are some more Vegas dresses I've bought.  Some will need to be returned, but I have decided which yet.  I ordered the grey/silver one below in black, but it is back ordered.  I already have a black sequin skirt so it might be redundant. 

I usually wear all black in Vegas, or jeans and a black shirt.  I'm trying to expand my wardrobe horizons a bit and wear some color...or at least not all black.

This dress is so not something I would normally wear, but thought I'd try it out and I happen to LOVE it!  It's actually very flattering on me, I think.  My chest doesn't stick out like the model's though.

I don't think black or silver shoes would look good with this so I'm thinking maybe these pink shoes.

Or maybe one of these red pairs, although the second pair poses a challenge given the height and platform.

I love red so I also got this red dress that is the same style as the silver/grey dress and the black one on order.  I'll only keep one so it will be hard to decide.

OK, so I did get another black dress.  This hasn't arrived yet so I don't know if it looks good on me or not yet.

I also got this black ruffle skirt, but don't have a top to go with it.

And...I don't have a picture of it, but another dress that is ruffles like the skirt above, but in a white tank dress.  I don't know if it's fancy enough looking for night, but I'll bring it anyway since since it only cost $19 and I already cut the tags off.

So what do you think?  What should I wear???


JennK said...

Pink shoes with that dress!!!!

Anonymous said...

Where dud you get the black dress? I love it

Patrice said...

The black one is from Fredericks.