Tuesday, April 13, 2010

WW: Week 5

Well, I'm not back on track yet. Last week is now a blur with how busy it was at work. I only journaled my food for 2 days and didn't really pay attention to what I ate. I will admit there were donuts and cookies and mexican and margaritas involved so I'm really surprised I actually lost some weight. I think it might have been water or whatever from the big gain the week before so I'm not feeling like I accomplished anything. My vacation is only three and a half weeks away and my goal now still over five pounds away (although I'd really 8 or 11 to get to my all time lowest or even lower). If I'm really sticking the program I can do 1.5 per week which will get me close to my "realistic" goal. A couple weeks ago I was so close that I though I would breeze past it, but now that's not the case. The bikini I wanted looked horrific on me so I'm still on the hunt for new bathing suits.

Here are the results:
2.4 loss for the week / 2.8 loss overall


Anonymous said...

Patrice: Thanks for reading my book, and I hope you like it. I spoil my kitty, too, and talk baby talk to her. I know you understand.

--Gary Buslik

Patrice said...

Gary - I'm only a few chapters in, but finding it hillarious already.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Patrice. That's always good to hear.