Friday, April 23, 2010

Large...A Relative Term

Bathing suit shopping is never fun. Maybe for about 1% of the population it is, but not me. I've been buying suits online so I don't have to see myself under the lights and bad mirrors in the stores. I get them in the mail, try them on at home and then send back whatever I don't like. It's ridiculous to me how small bathing suits run. I always order "large", since I can't see them to tell what size I need, but some of these suits are still tiny. I wonder if it is just their way of telling me that if I can't fit into the "large" that I have no business wearing the suit at all.

I just need the confidence and self esteem that this guy has!


Anonymous said...

Girl, you should NOT be wearing a large! Good Lord! You're too tiny for that! Bathing suits are made nowadays to let it all hang out.. and my momma raised me better than that ;)

Rebecca said...

EEK - that guy is GROSS.