Sunday, April 11, 2010


I usually don't look at the kitties in cages at the pet store because it makes me so sad. A week or two ago I did though and one kitty stole my heart. I saw him from far away and he caught my eye because he looked like a short haired version of my Manny. I walked to over to see him and he was very friendly, rubbing his head on the side of the glass and meowing at me. I wish I could have pet him, but he was in an enclosed area. I could tell he was lost from a home because he had a bit of a belly. Today I was back at the store and I checked to see if he was still there...unfortunately, he was. He was sound asleep. I hope his owners find him or he gets a new home soon because living in a cage at Petsmart isn't much of a life for a cat.

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Daisy said...

You have a kind heart. I hope that kitty will soon find his Forever home.