Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kitties in Cages

It breaks my heart that so many animals live in cages in shelters. I can't even walk by the cats in cages for adoption at the pet store because it makes me so sad. If I ever win the lottery or become very wealthy I want to set up cage free shelters for homeless cats. Until that day comes, I try to help kitties in other ways.

I looked up some local cat rescue organizations to see what I could do to help. Fancy Cats Rescue Team has cats in four local pet stores and said they needed these stretch & scratch pads so I bought a case and sent them to them. Next, I'm going to get new toys and bedding for these kitties.

If you have the means, please donate time, money or goods to one of your local pet shelters or rescue organizations. Every little bit helps!


kimi said...

hi patrice! i work with danielle at verizon, who is involved with fancy cats. i told her about your blog entry. take care, and keep up the good work. kim luong

Patrice said...

Hi Kim - thanks! Danielle is the person I contacted to find out where to ship the scratchers to. What a small world...