Friday, January 1, 2010

It's That Time Again

It's time again to set new year's resolutions.

1. LOSE WEIGHT. And keep it off. This has been on my list every year for as long as I can remember. I tend to lose weight early in the year and then gain it all back (and sometimes more) in the second half. Last year at this time I weighed seven pounds less than I do now, but here I go again. My motivation at this time of the year is hoping for a beach vacation in the spring where I'll need to wear a bathing suit. I'm not sure if I can convince my husband to take a vacation this year, but I'll keep it in mind to give me motivation. I would love to be able to look like Carrie Underwood on the beach. I never have so I don't know why I would be able to by this point in my life, but I'll keep trying. I'm also running a Biggest Loser contest at my work so I'm hoping that will keep me motivated as well to be a good example to others in the contest.

2. RELAX. I really need to worry less. Anxiety is becoming a bigger problem in my life so I need to find ways to worry less. I'm going to try another yoga class to start with. The last try didn't go so well, but this new place I'm trying has a class that specifically says "gentle yoga"and for chronic pain.

Here's my motivation for # 1

What are your new year's resolutions???

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