Sunday, January 31, 2010

November Rain

Watching Slash on the Grammys just reminded me of something funny from college. I lived in a small college town that was about 1 square mile just on the edge of the campus and it was all apartments with students. Nobody else lived there since it was known as a "student ghetto" and usually smelled like stale beer. It wasn't bad at the time. Sure, I wouldn't live there now but it was great living with all my friends nearby and nobody ever complained about noise...except a couple times. Some annoying neighbor girls didn't like it when my roommate and I decided to have a little BBQ (smores) at 2am during finals week. Another wasn't aimed at me...a guy across the street decided to play November Rain on repeat ALL NIGHT LONG! I didn't mind as I was usually up really late back in those days, but somebody left a note on his door saying something like "although I really like November Rain, I didn't want to hear it ALL NIGHT". It was really loud. LOL. What's even funnier about this story is that the guy was total player...and years later ended up marrying one of my friends who was one of the straightest people I've ever known. She tamed him and now they are happily married with a baby girl.

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