Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Grammys

Bravo to whoever put together The Grammys show this year! It moved along, had good performance and only got boring for a little while. Why no big ending performance though???? Here are my thoughts on the show.

  • Pink was AMAZING with that Cirque du Soleil type acrobatic performance and while singing live! Oh, not to mention her body is amazing too. She stole the show even though I'm not sure if she won any awards or not.

  • I was confused by Beyonce's performance...crotch grabbing, writhing on the ground and singing a cover of You Oughta Know...plus some typical Beyonce moments with the fan and hair blowing. Just not sure if I liked all this or not.

  • Why did they bother with the Eminem (and some other guy) performance when they bleeped out so much of it?

  • Did I miss the memo that I needed 3D glasses?

  • Loved Lady Gaga and Elton John.

  • I like Taylor Swift but she seems a bit full of herself lately. It was nice to see her sing without the attitude...although some high notes seemed off...she should work on that before her tour starts

  • This is a show where the stars can have fun with what they wear, but most were awful!

Best Dressed - Lea Michele
I didn't even know who this was, but I think she best represented a young star at the Grammys. Fun and flirty...love it!

Worst Dressed - Britney Spears
Oh come on Britney...that was awful. We want to love you. You have the world on your side and then you show up in this??? What happened to the beautiful Marilyn Monroe look or when you and Justin coordinated in denim? Please don't tell us that brown hair means your pregnant again...

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lnnajman said...

P!nk is so underrated. Her concert was amazing. Her last encore was the exact act she did at the grammys and it wowed me then too. The best part of the grammy performance was looking at everyone's shocked expression after she performed.
I was shocked to realize Taylor Swift was off. And I am technically tone deaf. She sounded awful!