Sunday, February 7, 2010


Yes, that's what they are calling it...Snowmageddon. Last month when we got close to 2 feet of snow, we thought that would be the worst we would ever see. This is our sixth winter here and we haven't had much snow, usually just a few inches a few times a year...until this year. I have no idea how much exactly we got, but I think it's around 2.5 to 3 feet and that's before it drifted. My husband spent 6 hours shoveling us out today. I helped for a few hours, but he really did most of it. We live on a "shared" driveway that is long and wide and mostly ours. I would say the entire thing is about 4 times as big as most people's so it took forever. I'm pretty sure this is a record breaking winter for this area. Hubby says if it was like this all the time, we'd definitely move back to California. Prior to this year, he didn't think the winters were bad at all. Anyway...we made it through with just a couple minor problems. A tree was leaning on the house, but we shook off enough snow to get it to stand up a little and the satellite dish is covered in snow and can't get! Who knows when it will work again so we will likely miss the Super Bowl. Tonite we used the Roku to get a move thru Amazon on Demand so we can still watch movies. I am thankful though that we have power and heat and the tree didn't hurt the house. The piles of snow are so huge that I bet it will be spring before they melt. I hope all my fellow Snowmageddoners made it thru without any major problems too!

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