Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday 13: Things I Love About Spring

Here are thirteen things I love about spring!

1. Daffodils blooming

2. Tulips blooming

3. Azaleas blooming

4. Opening the windows in the house

5. Sitting on the deck and having a drink

6. Taking walks after work

7. Wearing shorts

8. Cherry blossoms

9. Annual vacation time in my house

10. Turning off the furnace

11. Wearing sandals

12. Bright green grass and trees

13. Winter is over...

What are your favorites?


Rebecca said...

Heh, funny that you posted this list, considering we are due to get 12"+ of snow in the day few days!!

Patrice said...

I need to focus on the positive to get thru this winter. I know February is the worst, but at least maybe we are getting toward the end of winter???

sherilee said...

And here I've been wishing for snow... but your list is helping me turn the corner and come to grips with the idea that we might not get any more snow. Sigh.

My favorite part of spring is not wearing a coat any more! And spring break with my boy!

My TT is up!

Wild Woman in the Wild Woods said...

I love to see all the flowers in bloom as well. Especially the wild ones.

jehara said...

Lots of sunshine and wildflowers.

Allison said...

warmer days and nights...before the bugs of summer
blooming dogwood trees
birthdays...we celebrate 6 birthdays in spring