Monday, January 11, 2010

Easier Said Than Done

I am running a weight loss competition at my work and have another blog about it with information about weight loss if anyone is interested. I post Monday thru Friday with Thursdays being the results, so that is the only day that the post would be specific to the contest. I've dieted so much throughout my life that writing advice on a blog about weight loss is easy...actually doing it is harder. Actually, I CAN lose weight, my problem is keeping it off. I said I was going to lose weight as a new year's resolution and that is not going very well so far. I do need help, but can't decide if I want to go back to Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. I have had success with both. Or I may do a hybrid where I go to WW meetings and weigh-in's, but get food from JC. The JC consultants annoy me and make me feel bad when I gain weight so I think the less personalized WW meeting may be better although the format here in VA has not been as helpful to me as how it was done in CA. In CA, you weighed in in a cubicle and were able to have a conversation with the leader. Here in VA, you weigh in at a counter where there is no privacy and it's hard to talk to the person and all they want to do is process you. So I haven't decided what to do yet.

Here is the link to the other blog.

Blog schedule:
Monday: Recipe or food find
Tuesday: Biggest Loser TV show watercooler talk (from previous week in case you tape it)
Wednesday: Weight loss or fitness topics
Thursday: Weekly results
Friday: Potpourri


Rebecca said...

I should probably post this on the OTHER blog, but I'm here now ... ;-)

I do not like the idea of Jenny Craig or NutriSystem b/c you have to eat their food. Sure, it's easier and you'll lose the weight, but it doesn't teach you how to eat in real-life situations.

With WW, you prepare one meal for everyone (e.g., husbands, kids, guests) and it makes you more mindful about what you put in your mouth.

Plus, processed foods are NEVER better for you than fresh food that you prepare.

OK, I'm now getting off my soapbox!

Anonymous said...

Cool! I will check out your other blog too. I am doing WW right now, it's the only thing that has worked for me in the past (when I've STUCK with it...) I'm counting points and staying accountable with friends, but I don't like meetings.

I can lose weight and have done very well in the past, it's just my lack of motivation at times that stands in the way. Good luck, whatever you decide.