Sunday, January 17, 2010

You Can Call Me Jillian

Ok, maybe I'm more like Allison, but My Biggest Loser contest at work is really taking off! The Corporate Communications team wrote a story about it and I got a personal trainer involved to help the contestants. Thanks to the story the blog had over 100 visitors on Friday! Neither of my blogs have ever come anywhere close to that. There are 23 people signed up for the contest from all over the company so there is close to $1,000 in prizes! I'm so happy this is a success since I was concerned it would fall apart when I took it over. A former co-worker had been doing this contest for years and it was just a small group made up of mostly people from the same department. She was laid off in November and asked me to finish doing the weigh-in's for the last round that ended before the holidays. I wasn't sure I wanted to keep it going, but people said they wanted it to continue, so over the holidays I worked up a flyer, some new rules and the blog. In the last round 2/3 of the contestants, including myself, ended up GAINING weight so I'm trying to do things, like the blog and the trainer, to help people lose this time around. Now I need to make sure I can keep things interesting and motivating for everyone.

Let me know if you have any ideas for things I could coordinate to help the contestants!


Rebecca said...

First off, congrats on doing so well with the "other" blog, etc.

I'm not a huge fan of Dr. Oz, but one thing he recently wrote about as a New Year's resolution is never to be hungry.

What he meant was, do not allow yourself to get to that starving part of the day (everyone has one!) b/c you will always reach for what is fast (and typically, bad for you) and you will eat too much of whatever that is, b/c you are STARVED!

Instead, you have to commit to be being prepared everyday with small, easy, healthful snacks at your fingertips (a small handful of almonds, some whole fruit, a cup of low-cal soup, microwave popcorn, etc.). And don't wait until you are hungry -- eat your small snack before your personal "witching hour(s) of hunger."

For me, that's 11 am and 4 pm.

Patrice said...

Thanks for the tip Rebecca. I looked up some Dr. Oz diet info and found a great link to his 12 diet tips...and this was one of them.

My times are 3-4pm and then after dinner while watching TV.