Saturday, January 23, 2010

Addicted to Blogging

I've been quite bloggy lately. I have been neglecting this blog a bit, but my Biggest Loser blog is doing quite well. My husband and another person mentioned to me that it looks like a lot of work to keep the Biggest Loser blog going since I've committed to posting 5 days a week on particular topics. It doesn't seem like "work" to me though. I truly enjoy it.

Anyone who knows me knows I have a passion for travel and always have. I took a class after school while in high school on "How to be a travel agent" and then worked in a travel agency as part of the class and for the following summer. My plan was never to be a full-time travel agent, but I wanted to do in on the side for my family and friends after college once I had my main career established. Well...then came the internet and the idea of having a career in the travel business didn't seem likely. Travel is my true passion and I have been trying to think of a way lately to make it into a a side job though since I am not looking to take a pay cut by quitting my current job and start over completely in the travel business.

Now my thought is to try to combine these two things into a travel blog! Should it get successful I would put some advertising on it, but as long as I enjoy it, that doesn't really matter since the money would be so small. I would consider it a huge success if it brought in some extra money to allow me to travel more...then write it would feed itself really. I know I need a niche to make it successful so I'm working on something about the Caribbean since I love tropical islands. I'm going to try using Wordpress to make a more professional looking site than Blogger can do. Blogger is great for this blog, but I want the travel blog to look better and have more features.

So now I need a name for this new blog...any ideas??? Most that I can think of already have the domain name taken. The only thing not taken that I can think of is "Caribbean Gal" with the theme being about a woman (me) exploring the Caribbean one island at a time. I'm thinking having her be a cartoon like Hungry Girl and giving her a persona. It would also have static information about the Caribbean to help people choose an island and plan a trip. The target audience would be people like me who love to travel and read about other people's travels. What do you think???

I'm not in love with that name though so please let me know if you have any other ideas!

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