Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - How Did I Ever Live Without...

1. iPhone - I have never been much into tech gadgets, but I got an iPhone a couple months ago and I love it!

2. iPod - I think the iPod is getting people back into music because you can listen to your guilty pleasures and nobody will know. I'll admit to having the Backstreet Boys and Paris Hilton on mine.

3. Plasma TV - We finally just took the leap and got a plasma TV.

4. HD - Ok, I could live without this, but once you have it, regular TV looks awful.

5. Internet - I do everything I can on the internet since I don't really like talking to customer service people.

6. DVR - No more VCR tapes or commercials and now there's no need to fight about who gets to watch their show. My husband doesn't like most of the shows I watch so I tape them and watch when he's not around.

7. Roku - I haven't used this much yet because we have issues getting it set up to our audio system, but I have a feeling I am going to love it.

8. - I buy so much stuff here and the two day free Amazon Prime shipping is great (especially since I'm linked to my brother's account and he pays for it). It's usually the first place I look when I want to buy something.

9. Wireless home network - I love being able to have my laptop in any room of the house. I'm typically on the internet while my husband watches TV.

10. Pull out shelves in the kitchen - Our new kitchen has pull out shelves in the pantry and in the cabinets. Now nothing is lost or forgotten about in the way back.

11. Witnessing the beauty of Caneel Bay in St. John - This is one of my favorite places and is my happy place in my head when I need to relax.

12. My husband - He is my best friend and partner in life.

13. My kitties - Manny & Minky

What's on your list?


kandyblossom said...

My husband, internet and Amazon! Three things I need in order to function properly! LOL.

To that list I will add my kids, a/c and hot showers.

Happy TT!

Ornery's Wife said...

Cool idea for a list. I did one similar a year or more ago--my priorities have shifted a LOT since I did that, though. Guess I should revisit it! :)

Happy TT!!

Alice Audrey said...

What is Roku?

Kaytee said...

Awesome list!! What did people do before DVR, I will never understand! LOL

Patrice said...

Roku is a little box you hook up to your TV and internet (wireless or wired) and you can watch Netflix or Amazon Video on Demand.

The Bumbles said...

I'm with you on the DVR and pull out shelves. Two things we recently added to our lives within the last couple of years. Once you have HD you can never go back - willingly that is! And I'm a big fan of Coral Bay in St. John. Actually - I'm a big fan of St. John overall. I've been 3x and am trying to get there again soon!

Patrice said...

The Bumbles - I am sure I would love the rest of St. John too, but we were at Caneel Bay for only 4 days and never left the resort (well, a little for a hike). I can't wait to get back and explore the rest of the island.

jehara said...

it's hard to go back to watching regular tv after dvr and tv on dvd. i don't know what to do with myself during commercials.

Calico Crazy said...

Great list! My daughter, the internet, and our dvr rank are tops on my list.

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