Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Longest Hour

I signed up for an exercise class through the local community center that is a combination of kick boxing and high impact aerobics and led by “Master W”. It was the longest hour of pain that I have experienced in quite a while. I fully admit to being out of shape, but it was the first week of the class so I expected it to start somewhat slow. Not so! Turns out everyone except for three of us had taken the class before so Master W said we were going to jump right in. He looked at me and said, “You work out, you’ll be fine”. Trying not to show my fear I said, “I’ll figure it out”. I took a spot in the middle of the room so I could see Master W and follow along. Too bad Master W was not actually doing the exercises with us…he would start each new move and then walk around the room. I mostly followed along with the people in front. This is a one hour class and my goal was just to get through it…Master W had different ideas for me. At first I thought he was spending more time with me in case I needed help, but he refused to let me do anything the easier low impact way…as about a third of the class was doing. HIGHER, FASTER, SUCK IN YOUR STOMACH, MY GRANDMA CAN KICK HIGHER THAN THAT AND SHE’S DEAD. These are all things I had yelled in my face. I felt like I was being singled out, but I was too tired to pay attention to what he was doing to anyone else. The worst part was toward the end when we were doing some twisted kind of sit ups with one leg off the ground and the other straight up in the air. I only got ten of the fifteen done in the time he gave, so he made me do the extra five in front of the entire class while they watched. I do not believe for one second that everyone in the class did all fifteen. At least the class applauded me when I was done. I just kept thinking that all I need to do is get through this hour and then I never have to come back here again. The class finally ended and when I was walking to the car, one of the other newbies came up to me and said, “He was really picking on you!” Someone else noticed it too! I cannot attend the class for the next two weeks, but now I want to try to improve on own and then go back and show Master W what I can do. Now I know some may not have sympathy for me and that is fine. I understand Master W was trying to push me, and that is great, but I just would have preferred some positive feedback instead of riding me for the hour and never telling me “good job” or anything.


Laura said...

My grandma kicks higher and she's dead!!! That cracked me up !

Jennifer said...

Girl...good for you! I would have punched him!