Monday, November 23, 2009

The Magic Machine

My husband and I are taking this week off work for a much needed break and to do some fun things. Sunday morning we went drove down to Charlottesville, did some wine tasting, ate some good food and stayed the night at a hotel down there. We were going to do more today before driving home but since it's raining we decided to just drive back home. Later this week we are going to spend the night in DC for Thanksgiving. We all know how I adore my cats and don't want them to have their perfect little worlds messed with...but I didn't want to deal with getting the cat sitter to come just for overnight trips. For each of these little trips, we are away from the house for only a little over 24 hours. I can't leave a big bowl of food for the cats though because they will eat it all immediately and then have nothing to eat the rest of the time so I bought two automatic feeders to take care of this problem. I tried using it for their breakfast yesterday before we left, but it didn't work right (it only dispensed a tiny amount of food). I worked on it for about a half hour and got it working right and got both in sync to dispense at the same time. What still worried me though was that only Manny went to it to get the food when the little bit of food came out. Minky didn't even go near it so while we were gone I was worried Manny was eating both and Minky none. Well, when we got home today it was clear that they had both eaten and were just fine. I'm used to coming home and them being all friendly because they want to be fed. Now they don't really see my purpose anymore. Instead they now hover and rub all over the feeders that we have named "the magic machine". Can't wait to see this in action at 5:00.

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