Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No Smoking

Smoking is no longer allowed in restaurants in Virginia! There are a few exceptions, such as it is allowed in outdoor areas or if there is a separate room entirely enclosed with a separate ventilation system, but I doubt many restaurants will go to the expense to allow this. What about bars you ask??? Virginia does not have any stand alone bars! This is all quite shocking to me given Virginia's history in the tobacco industry. I was in college when California enacted the same ban so to move here and have smokers in restaurants was quite disgusting to me. Only a few that I go to actually allow smoking at all, but it really does drift throughout the restaurant. I'm all for people doing whatever they want as long as it doesn't hurt other people...but smoking in public DOES hurt other people, so just do it by yourself or only around other smokers. Thank you.


Rebecca said...

Did you know that most new cars are not made with ashtrays anymore?? I am new-car shopping and that shocked me. I guess that's why so many smokers dangle their death sticks outside of the car as they drive. Ick!

Patrice said...

@Rebecca - Really? Where would I store my change??? I'd just prefer they keep the ashtrays so smokers will keep it in their cars.