Monday, April 18, 2011

Kate's Royal Fruit Cake

Kate and William's wedding cake is going to be a fruit cake.  Instead of finding this odd, I find it redeeming. I too had a fruit cake for my wedding cake.  Apparently it is a British tradition.  True, I am not British, but I did get married in Australia so maybe it is a tradition there too. 

I thought my wedding was perfect...except for the cake.  Every year as our anniversary comes up I think about going to a bakery and getting my dream wedding cake made.  I planned my wedding over the internet and when the wedding planner told me the standard cake that came with the package was fruit cake, for some reason in my mind I thought this meant a white cake with fruit filling...which would have been delicious.  Not only was it fruit cake, it was covered in royal icing which is impossible to cut through because it sets rock hard.  We eventually hacked our way through it, but the cutting of the cake was not the highlight of wedding.  I don't like fruit cake, but I did eat a piece since I was starving because I did not eat or drink anything before the wedding. 

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