Thursday, April 14, 2011

P's Purse

What do the contents of a woman's purse say about her?  Let's check out what's in mine and see...

1. iPhone
2. iPhone charger
3. Blackberry
4. Blackberry charger
5. Wallet
6. Ibuprofen
7. Tylenol
8. Badge for work
9. Umbrella
10. Lots of random folded up pieces of paper
11. Ear planes
12. Nose spray
13. Migraine medicine
14. Gum
15. iPod
16. Altoids
17. Kleenex
18. Gas-X
19. Travel sickness medicine
20. DayQuil
21. Pen
22. Photocopy of my passport
23. Sudafed

Hmmm...I'm afraid to say that this portrays me as a gadget junkie and pharmacist.  Reality is that I haven't cleaned out my purse since my trip to Jamaica last month.  I'm even still using the straw bag that doubled as my beach bag.  What does that say about me???

Anything interesting in your purse or pockets???


Jenners said...

This is fast becoming my favorite prompt to read about this morning. You do come off as a technie prescription junkie!! : )

Visiting from Mama Kats.

Annie @ astonesthrowfrominsanity said...

What is an ear plane? I am intrigued. Ummm . . . let's see . . .I have iphone, charger, wallet, DS games, granola bars, gum, 7214 receipts, and sand.

Pretty normal I think.:)

Visiting from Mama's . . .

Patrice said...

Annie - ear planes are like ear plugs you screw into your ears when flying to help equalize the pressure. I have eustachian tube dysfunction and it's very painful for me to fly so I use the ear planes, sudafed, nose spray and gum to try to get my ears and sinuses to stay open.

Jessica said...

I find the iPhone and the blackberry intriguing. Why both? Which one do you like better.

Patrice said...

Jessica - iPhone is for personal use and Blackberry is for work. I loooove the iPhone, it's made my life better. The only thing the BB does better is that it has better sound quality on phone calls, but I don't actually talk on either all that much so my vote goes to the iPhone.