Sunday, June 5, 2011

Why We Love Pippa

I admit it, I think Pippa looked great at her sister's wedding and I'm curious about her.  But what makes her so different than Paris Hilton?  Nothing.  The American public is drawn to pretty charismatic women and these two have a lot in common.

1. Grew up in a life of privilege
2. Never needed to work
3. Primarily supported by their parents, even as adults
4. Sense of fashion style
5. Close with her sister
6. Likes media attention
7. Unique name
8. Never held a real full time job
9. Life of the party
10. Famous for no good reason

I'm sure the royal family is keeping tabs on her to make sure she doesn't do anything to embarrass them.  Hopefully there won't be a mug shot in her future.  I wish her the best with her new found celebrity...I'll be watching!

1 comment:

Violet said...

I really don't get the appeal to Paris or Pippa!