Saturday, June 4, 2011

Things I Will NEVER Do

What is exhilarating to one person is frightening to another.  I don't find being scared as something I enjoy doing.  I don't like scary movies or roller coasters.  I only do these things because someone else wants to.  I also get motion sickness very easily so a roller coaster can ruin a day for me.

Here are a few things I will never do, no matter who asks.

Hot air balloon
No way. Never.  The idea of floating around in something that a person cannot really control is so frightening to me that I will never do it and it would not be fun.  Not to mention that there is fire involved.  I made it clear to my husband long ago to never surprise me with a hot air balloon ride (since some think it's romantic) because I will not go.  He likes to joke with me about doing this saying it's something he's always wanted to do (which is a lie) and every time I see a news story about a balloon ride gone wrong, I make sure he knows about it.

Bungee jumping
Motion sickness and fear in one?  No thanks.  I really don't understand why anyone would do this.  Those bungees do break...

Sky diving
Yea right.  How many movies have we all seen where the chute won't open?  Plus my brother did this and said some people in his group felt sick for days.  Apparently after it was over the operator told him that about 80% of people get sick.

Ferris Wheels
Ok, I have been on a few ferris wheels, but I never liked it.  I have visions of the basket tipping too much and falling out or the entire wheel coming off and rolling away.  There was just a report today of an 11 year of girl falling out to her death.

Have you done any of these?  What things WON'T you do???


Violet said...

Definitely no to skydiving. A bunch of people went from my work and my stomach dropped just thinking about it. I think they were nuts.

But I would consider hot air ballooning!

I used want to scuba, but now you couldn't pay me too!

Rachelle475 said...

I am so with you on this one UNLESS someone offered me an outrageous amount of money. Then I might consider it. Maybe.