Friday, July 8, 2011


My last post got some interesting feedback.  One person actually reminded me of something that absolutely belongs on my bucket list...owning my own business.   This has always interested me, even when I was a kid.   I not only wanted to be a chef...I wanted to be a chef in my own restaurant.  In college I took a class on entrepreneurship and interned at a non-profit that helped women start their own businesses.  In grad school I took another class on entrepreneurship and interned at an incubator that helped international companies get a presence in the US.  I have the passion, but am too risk averse.  I scrapped the idea of the dog bakery because I just didn't stick with it.  I didn't have a passion for it and I had to admit that to myself.  Also, many of the online dog bakeries I was tracking went out of business. 

I have something else in the works right now that I do have a passion for, but there is very little money in it.  Since my day job pays the bills, I'm going to give it a go in a side business that I do have a passion for, even though it won't pay the bills, but could make me happy. 

Any guesses???


Laura said...

Something to do with travel?

Patrice said...

Laura, yes it does!