Monday, July 7, 2008

It Finally Arrived...Well, Almost

I ordered a new Dell laptop almost 4 weeks ago. When I ordered it I was told there was a 12 day delay on the battery, but that was ok with me since my only other option was to upgrade the battery for $169 to get it sooner, which didn't seem worth it to me. Well, I didn't realize a 12 day delay meant it wouldn't ship for almost 4 weeks. I think it arrived today, but I wasn't home to sign for it. If all goes well at work tomorrow I will come home early and work from home the rest of the day so I can sign for it. I'm a little worried if I will like it or not since I ordered it in pink...which upset my husband who believes he cannot use it because it's pink. I just hope it doesn't look bad or I will feel stupid.

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Laura said...

Funny, I have a dell and the battery has pretty much went kaput. I ordered a new one a week ago and it's been delayed as well.

I just got a new desk top yesterday because mine decided to die. New computers are fun!