Saturday, July 26, 2008

St. Michaels

We took a day trip today to St. Michaels which is a small town on the eastern shore of Maryland. I have been wanting to go there for a while and stay at the Inn at Perry Cabin, which was seen in the Wedding Crashers movie. We decided to take a day trip there first though before shelling out the money for a two night stay since they do not allow a one night stay over the weekend in the summer. It should have taken a little under two hours to drive there, but we hit lots of traffic due to accidents and people heading to the beach and it took us three hours and fifteen minutes! Yikes...pretty far for one way of a day trip. While driving through the small town, it wasn't quite what we were expecting. We thought it would focus more on the water, but the water was just in the background and a place to park boats. I had heard from co-workers that there is a restaurant on the water called the Crab Claw that is the place to eat. It was pretty crowded when we got there, but after a short wait got a table with a view of the water. I had a tasty muffin and bowl of clam chowder, but my main dish was just mediocre for the price. What I liked least was that they did not accept credit cards. After lunch we wandered through the town which mostly had antique/trinket/art shops and historic homes that have been converted to B&B's and then were ready to head home. It is a cute little town, but very touristy and we felt like we played right into it. We keep hoping to find a place within about a two hour drive where we can buy a weekend vacation home, but this wasn't the place. We are glad we went to see it, but we wouldn't go back.

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