Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm Done with The Hills

I think I am finally done with The Hills. The show has just gotten too far away from the real lives of the people on the show. Since the "cast" also has their lives followed by the paparazzi in the gossip blogs, it's hard to reconcile the two.

Lauren - She had been going to school at FIDM on the show for about 5 years now. All the programs at the school are only 2 years and she has her own fashion line that is never shown on the show. So she is going to school forever for something she already does??? Also, she now has a boyfriend who is never on the show either...not even referenced. She bores me.

Heidi - First of all, someone needs to tell this girl to stop with all the plastic surgery. She is going to look worse than Pam Anderson by the age of 25. So she got fired from her fake job and then didn't know what to do with herself? Why didn't she just ask Spencer since he doesn't even pretend to have a job. I do think it's real that these two have no friends though. I bet that is why their sisters have shown up on the show so they don't become irrelevant to the "story".

Whitney - I always liked Whitney, but maybe that is just because they didn't show much of her since she didn't want her personal life on the show. Now that she has a spin off coming she is letting them show her dating, but who knows if those are real dates or casted actors. Now she keeps referencing a break up from a year ago...uh, we never saw your boyfriend so we can't really care about your break up. And please stop giggling and flirting with the models at "work"...it's quite unprofessional. On the recent "lost scenes" show, we learned that Whitney went on a date with Brody and kissed him. This didn't bother Lauren, but anytime anyone else dated a guy she did, it was a major scandal.

Audrina - Possibly the most savvy of the bunch. I used to think she was a dud, well I still do, but releasing the nude pictures of herself was the best thing she ever did for her career. It made her more interesting and now the show is focusing more on her. I feel another spin off! I wonder if they will show the feud between her and Lauren regarding the rumor that Lauren hooked up with Justin Bobby. This guy is just a loser media whore using the girls...can't they see this? Audrina needs to drop this guy for good and learn how to control the weird look in her eyes if she wants her own show.

Goodbye girls! I hope you are saving your money.


Laura said...

I agree with you that this show is losing it! It's clear to me that Spencer and Heidi are actually no longer a couple and it's just a "front" for publicity. I actually love Justin Bobby and totally see what Audrina likes about him. He's a hot bad boy and everyone loves a bad boy. They try to pretend that Lauren doesn't own her house because then it would be admitting that she's paid a lot of money for the show when she's supposed to be a fashion student.

Scooter said...

"Why didn't she just ask Spencer since he doesn't even pretend to have a job." LOL! I could have sworn he had a recruiter that knew of his leech work on Brody Jenner. They had an opening for top d-bag and thought he'd be a good fit. Is that not how it works in Hollywood?