Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights is coming back for two more seasons! I just started watching this show about six months ago, but absolutely love it and watched the previous seasons on DVD's. It was uncertain if the show was going to get renewed or not so I am thrilled that it was. Last season wrapped everything up pretty good in case it didn't come back, but left the door open to continue. It's not a show just about football. Football is the back drop to this small town drama. The next season will be on DirecTV in the fall and then NBC in the winter/spring of 2010 so I recommend anyone looking for something to watch this summer to rent the DVD's or watch online to be all caught up for when season 4 starts. I love this show, my husband loves this show and my boss loves this show.

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Hey... I set my blog to private now. I'm getting anonymous comments from rude people and frankly I don't need this! Next time you visit, follow the link to request access. I would have sent you the invite, but I didn't know your email addy! :)