Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Waking Up in Vegas

I love Katy Perry and everyone knows how much I love Vegas, so this is perfect!

Here is what she said about the song.
"Vegas gives me that 'what the f--- feeling.' It's really close to LA so one night you could be having a beer with your friends and, when you wake up, you're in Vegas."

This makes me miss living so close to Vegas. Not that flying across the country is a big deal to me, but it takes a little more planning than just getting in the car.

Waking Up In Vegas Video

YouTube disabled the embedding so try this link if the one I posted is too small.

PS: This is dedicated to to all my past and future Vegas know who you are!


lnnajman said...

I love this song. The line "why am I wearing your class ring?" always cracks me up. I'm seeing her open for No Doubt in August.

When are we going to Vegas?

Patrice said...

My favorite line is "get up and shake the glitter off your clothes".

This will be our theme song in Vegas...hopefully we can go soon!