Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dear Kindle: I Want to Love You...But I Don't

I really wanted to love the Kindle I got for Christmas...but I just don't. I'm not usually a techie gadget kind of person, but since I fell in love with the iPhone I thought I would try some others.

Here are my issues with the Kindle:
1. Availability. New releases are not available for a month or two after a book is released. I don't want to wait until June to read Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang so I ordered the hard copy.

2. Price. The price is not much lower than getting a regular book. The hard cover price of Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang is $14.03 and the Kindle is $ only a $1.40 difference in price. I get free two day shipping from Amazon so there's no savings there either. Seriously, only $1.40???

3. No back light. I mostly read in bed and our bedroom lighting is a little dim so it sometimes strains my eyes to read.

4. Interface. I have a hard time navigating this thing unless I just turn pages forward and backward. I keep wanting to touch the screen like the iPhone. It's hard to find a particular page if you don't know exactly where it is.

5. Graphics. The pictures and charts are pretty much illegible. The first book I got was a reference type book on blogging and there were many screen shots and graphics that I couldn't read at all.

6. Little commitment. It's too easy to give up on a book. If I'm not into a book I just get a different one. I've bought 3 Kindle book and only finished one of them...and that one was the blogging book that I wish I had in hard copy so I could go back thru it and find the sections I wanted to reference.

There may be other features on it that I could like, but haven't tried or don't know that they are there. One of the places we are going on vacation in May doesn't have phones or TV's in the rooms so I could see using this to get a newspaper, but the resort gives a daily fax of major stories or I can just look on the iPhone for news.

Is there something I'm missing??? Anybody like it?

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