Tuesday, March 23, 2010

WW: Week 2

I had a nice loss this week! I think I'm still too far behind to win the Biggest Loser contest at work, but my real goal is to get into a bikini for my vacation. At least a tankini. So I did pretty well with my food this week, except for one day. I had been planning all week on going to On the Border to have a margarita. I was saving my points since these are very high in points. I checked the menu before we left and saw they had a chicken salad that was only 290 calories. Perfect! I would have a few chips, a margarita and the salad. Only problem was that the salad was so overly sweet that I couldn't eat it. The dressing was fat free, but very very sweet and mixed in with the chicken and veggies. I ate the chicken out of it and then some more chips and a tortilla. Then when I got home we decided to have another margarita and I made WW pizzas since I was still hungry. I figured that I needed to just eat something to fill me up (the pizzas were 5 points) instead of making a bad decision later in the night and eat something really bad. Anyway...that day ended up being 50 points by my calculations. It could have been more or less though since it's hard to count things like chips. Next time I'll just get the chicken fajitas since I know I like those and fill me up. Overall for the week I ate 26 points more than I should have per the plan.

Here are the results:
At home weight: 1.4 loss for the week / 3.0 loss overall
WW weigh in: 2.4 loss for the week / 6.2 loss overall

One more week until the Biggest Loser contest is over and 6.5 weeks until vacation. My goal is 5 more pounds by vacation, preferably 10, but I don't want to set unrealistic goals that may make me want to give up.

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