Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Do you believe in fate? I didn't, but I think I do now.

The resort we stayed at in St. John is not like many others. It is located on 170 acres of national park land and has 7 beaches. It's so naturally beautiful and peaceful. There are donkeys, deer and mongooses roaming the property. The rooms are in small clusters scattered over the property and are all pretty much the same in size and quality, but the locations differ and that determines the price. There are rooms with no view, ocean view, right on the beach or on a cliff over looking the water. The first time we were there two years ago we stayed in room 57 which is on a cliff over looking the water. This time we decided to save some money and go with ocean view, which is set back a little from the water. We loved room 57, but decided it wasn't worth the extra money since we don't spend a lot of time in the room. I knew which set of rooms I wanted to be in, which was 50 to 53. When I checked in I was told we would be in room 52, exactly where I requested. As I was signing the forms a woman came to the desk saying her father really wanted room 52 because it was the room he honeymooned in and the room he has been getting for 29 years. I looked up and said I'd give up room 52 if I was given something better. Turns out her dad was assigned room 57!!! Room 57 is in a much better location, but he didn't want it because he has always had 52. The dad and 3 adult children were all traveling mom/wife though so it seemed to be very sentimental to him to get room 52. We asked if we could just switch! The desk people acted like this was a big deal, made some phone calls and then said we could do it! The man and his daughter were so happy and kept thanking me, which really wasn't necessary since we got the exact room we really wanted (and for the lower price). I don't tend to have this kind of luck. My husband and I talked about it as we were sitting on the balony enjoying the view and decided it had to be fate.

As an day walking back to our room two donkeys decided to fight over a towel. Rough life these guys have!

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