Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finally a Good Tan!

I have finally found a good way to get a fake tan! Before I went on vacation I really needed to get some color since I was so pasty white. People probably don't believe this, but my skin does tan and I used to be tan as a kid. Now that I live in a cubicle farm under fluorescent lights all day I rarely get outside so I burn easily. I am aware of the harm of the sun as I don't want skin cancer or (more) wrinkles (JennK...we are only 3 years from our Botox agreement after all). Years ago I tried the spray tan booths so I would be tan in my wedding pictures. I felt awkward though since my hands and feet looked so weird after it since they get darker. Anyway, I found a place called Fairy Tale Tans that does the airbrush spray tan by hand instead of in the booth. I have to say I really liked it! My hands and feet didn't look funny at all and she didn't make me look unnaturally dark. The picture in the post below shows my fake tan. It's too expensive to do all the time, but I'll definitely do it for vacations.

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Jennk said...

Thanks for the shout out girl! Only 3 years :)