Friday, June 25, 2010

High School Reunions

Seems like quite a few people I know right now are attending their 15 or 20 year high school reunions...something I have no desire to do.  Other than on Facebook, I think there is only 1 person (who is a loyal blog reader!) that I keep in touch with from high school.  And I don't think Facebook really counts.  Either way, I don't think I would remember very many people if I were to go to a reunion.  I wonder why so many people I know do want to go to their reunions, but I don't?  Maybe this is because high school wasn't the happiest time for me?  I don't have many fond memories of high school and was happy when it was over.  That first day of summer after I graduated I left most of high school completely behind me right away, except for a few friends.  I do like knowing what people are doing or what they look like now.  Facebook is good for that, but no reunion for me.  

Did you or are you planning on going to a reunion?  What made you decide either way. 


Anonymous said...

I could have written this post word for word. Amen sister!!

lnnajman said...

Yeah, I don't plan to go to our 20th. I have to say I felt that same way about high school but did enjoy the 10th. I kept laughing at how hilarious people were. All the jocks had become lawyers. The person voted most likeyly to succeed in junior high showed up high to the reunion and was a personal trainer. It was a super funny night.
That being said--no interest in the 20th!
Thanks for the shout out, sister!

Patrice said...

Who became a personal trainer???

lnnajman said...