Friday, June 18, 2010

Thursday Night Music Club: Sheryl & Colbie

My husband (C) and I went to the Sheryl Crow concert last night. I like her, but am not a super huge fan, but C wanted to go and it was pretty fun. I recognized only her radio hits, but didn't realize how many she had! She also looks amazing, for any age, but especially 48 years old. She looks like she weighs only about 90 pounds and I'm not sure how she got around so well in the high heels she was wearing.

Colbie Caillat was the opener. I can't stand that "Bubbly" song, but she was ok otherwise. She has a long way to go with her voice and stage presence before she can be a star though. She had lots of people on stage too....way too many guitars for a some soft rock and her back up singer sang most of the time with her. I didn't know much about her before seeing her, but thought she was kind of an indie/hippy type girl from Canada for some reason. After seeing her, and reading about her on Wikipedia, I think that is just what she wants people to think (except for the Canada part), but isn't who she is. Turns out she's from Malibu and her dad produced a couple Fleetwood Mac records back in the 70's. Most people want to become singers to get to Malibu, but she started there.

So the show was all good, but our fellow fans were really annoying! C referred to them as militant.

For example during the opening act...

The lady in front of me and two seats over actually "shooshed" me because I was talking to C. She claimed she could, "hear every word I was saying." Seriously? Do you have dog ears? C's response when I told him was, "Well, then she should be laughing because we're hilarious!"

Then later on during Sheryl Crow...

The crowd was pretty tame and I was happy people were sitting during most of it. Sheryl did finally get the crowd standing up for a while, but C and I chose to stay sitting most of the time. I am sick, had cortisone injected into the joints of my neck a few days ago and have a pinched nerve in my back. Please leave me alone people...but no...they insisted on telling us to stand up. At one point we did stand up and the woman next to me wanted me to dance and said, "You are never too old to dance." Seriously??? We were a good 10 years younger than most people there and you're referring to me a old? It's been a long time since I felt young at a concert like this, but I don't need menopausal women telling me to dance. I don't mean that as an insult, but they kept talking about their hot flashes.

Next up on our summert concert series...Willie Nelson!

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