Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ring A Ding Ding

Thursday will mark the 4 week mark that I have been sick.  It started with a really bad cold or flu, then turned into a sinus infection that just won't go away.  I'm also dizzy and nauseous and my ears hurt.  I can take medicine to help with the nausea...not sure if it's caused by all the meds or the pressure on my ears making them hurt and ring.  I've been to the Dr. 4 times now.  I am overall feeling better though where I finally have energy to do things again, but there is still pain/pressure in my face & ears and I still have the dizzy/nauseous thing.  I feel I lost a big part of the summer due to feeling so horrible.  Work has been a struggle since nobody else does my work if I'm sick, I still need to do it all.  I've even been drinking apple cider vinegar because I read on the internet that it is a natural remedy for sinus infections.  Today the doctor declared me "thoroughly sanitized" from all 3 different antibiotics I've taken over the past two weeks and now it is time to move on to a CT scan of my sinuses and then see an ENT.  I'm planning on going on a "tag along" trip to Vegas next Friday (a group of people I know from CA are going and I asked if I could tag along...) and there is no way I can fly with how my ears feel right now.  I need relief otherwise I can't go! Any suggestions (other than a sinus rinse because that is what started my ear problem)???


lnnajman said...

Last summer I had really bad poison oak and was not able to enjoy the summer for like 6 weeks so I know exactly how you feel. you still have half of July and all of August though!

Patrice said...

At least now that I'm off the meds I don't have to hide from the sun anymore!