Sunday, July 11, 2010

Who’s the Crazy Lady Yelling for Her Cat???

Oh wait…that’s me.

So we’ve been letting Minky go outside in the daylight when we are home. He’s a much happier cat now, but I do still worry about him. Normally he doesn’t stay out too long and likes to come and go. On Saturday evening he was outside and we wanted to go out to dinner so we couldn’t leave until Minky was back inside because it was going to be dark by the time we got back. I went out on the deck and yelled really loudly, “MINKY MOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Since there are not fences between the houses, my neighbor looks over at me like I’m a crazy lady. I didn’t know he was out there, but too late, I already looked like a fool. So then I yelled over that I was just looking for my cat. His mean dog starting barking and I saw Minky. Oh no! Minky has to go through their yard and by the dog (who was on their deck) to get home. I yelled over to ask neighbor guy if the dog was on a leash and he said he can’t get out. Then Minky comes running full speed with his fur all poofy down the lawn toward me. I’m cheering him on and patting on my legs for him to come to me. I’ve never seen him run full speed for so far. It was the Minky 50 yard dash. I was so proud of him for running to me. All this happened so fast but seemed like it was in slow motion as I was watching Minky run to me and hoping the dog didn’t jump the gate on the neighbor’s deck. Then Minky came in the house and had his attitude back like nothing was wrong. I wonder how long he was out there trying to figure out how to get past the dog.

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