Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bad TV

The first two days after my surgery I basically just rested on the couch in the living room.  It was also my bedroom post-op since I needed to be elevated and it was easier to do this on the couch.  After two days in the living room, I was done with it and then spent the next two days in the family room watching TV.  There's not much on TV in the middle of the day in the middle of summer so I am ashamed to tell you what I watched!  It didn't take a lot to entertain me for those two days so I will admit to watching Kloe and Kourtney Take Miami.  I even got into it!  Now I like reality TV, but I have always thought of the Kardashian shows as dribble...and they are, but I actually wanted to know what happened next.  Would Kourtney and Scott reconcile?  Would Kloe come back?  Who would take care of Scott after his surgery?  I even felt bad for Scott since he had surgery (in a drunken rage he hit a mirror) and nobody would drive him home or stay with him.  It would have sucked to not have C there for me in the time after my surgery.  Starting on Friday I was feeling up to doing more and was sick of the family room so I  moved onto the deck.  On Sunday I watched the newest episode of K&K Take Miami and couldn't believe how bored I was!  Good thing that phase is over. 

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