Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Weeds

The next season of Weeds starts up tomorrow!  I love this show and as you know I watched the first 5 seasons recently on Netflix.  Now I need to sign up for Showtime to get the new season.  If you want to watch it, I recommend watching the old seasons first to get caught up.  I think they can be watched for free on the Showtime's web site because it has evolved quite a bit from how it started.  It went from being funny and quirky to dark and serious.  From what I have read, this season is expected to get back to being funny again, but we'll see.  They have been able to keep the story moving and interesting for 5 seasons so I trust the 6th will be good as well.


lnnajman said...

I used to love this show but I think it jumped the shark two seasons ago. I can't stand it anymore but I'll probably still watch. Ever since she burned her house down and left her hometown it hasn't been funny.

I'm so glad you're kitty is feeling better!!!

Patrice said...

Laura - I agree that I liked it better before she burned the house down, but I still like it. I also find it hard to believe that she could really get out of all the messes she gets into with the drug lords, but Nancy will always find a way out.