Saturday, August 28, 2010

P's New Clothes

Now that I have all these new clothes, it's taking me longer to get ready in the morning as I try to pick out an outfit.  It would probably help if I hung everything up where I can see it.  Everything is still in the bags so I go searching through them each morning.  I started cleaning out my closet to make room for them, but I just got overwhelmed and am having a hard time taking much out, even things I haven't worn for years or that don't fit me.  Also, I'm finding that my new clothes are making my old shoes look horrible!

My Monday outfit wasn't too pants with an old shirt.  Tuesday I wore my favorite of the outfits, tan pants, a bright pink blouse and a denim blazer.  I was waiting and hoping for a complement, and it finally came late in the day in the ladies room.  Wednesday was all new but just black pants and a "nice" t-shirt.  Thursday was another completely new outfit and a co-worker said, "love love love the outfit" while gesturing with her hand up and down at me.  Yeah!  Friday was a repeat of the black pants with an old top.  So I got 2 complements at work and another from a salesperson while I was out shopping one night, but I don't really count that one. 

Now I'm trying to get my guts up to wear a skirt and sleeveless blouse to work next week since it's going to get hot again. I haven't worn a skirt to work since I lived in CA and I always wore pantyhose back then. I wore skirts most days in CA.  My current place of employment isn't a pantyhose kind of place, and I have no desire to wear them either.  I might need to go get a spray tan before wearing this outfit.

A couple of you have asked for pictures.  I tried doing the picture in the mirror thing, but it didn't turn out well.  I'll try to figure something else out.


Anonymous said...

The pink shirt is adorable!

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