Thursday, April 24, 2008


Where do they get these people? The guys on Survivor this season are just not playing the game at all. The guy voted out tonight really never had a chance. He was good at challenges, but was way too impressionable. Last week he let the girls convince him to throw the immunity challenge and then tonight they convinced him to not use the hidden immunity idol. Oh and this was after he fell for a fake immunity idol a couple weeks ago. They should have kept this guy just because he would do whatever they wanted.

After it was over, my husband said to one of our cats, “Even you can outwit the guys on this show…and you’re cleaning your butt…with your tongue.”

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siteseer said...

I'm with you on Survivor. I'd like to see a true survivor where the strongest survivor actually won. That would probably be a toss up between Ozzy and James and they are both gone. :( Wonder how they're going to go from 5 to a winner in just 2 more shows?