Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Go Blue!

One of my childhood dreams may come true in the next few weeks...a Dodgers/Angels world series! I grew up a huge Dodger fan. My family was split between favoring the Dodgers and the Angels. I supported them both, but my heart has always been with the Dodgers. My first crushes in life were Dodger players (Steve Garvey then Steve Sax) and I wanted to have my wedding in Dodger stadium in between games of a double header. Anyway...I have waited my entire life for a Dodgers/Angels world series and there is the possibility of it happening this year. The playoffs start today so good luck boys!


Jennifer said...

I am also (secretly) rooting for the Dodgers. Not because they're my team, but because my husband is the most die-hard Cubs fan you've ever seen. My family is made up of Chicago White Sox fans. I can't stand the rivalry with the two teams, let alone hearing about it in my own home! I secretly hope the Cubs choke furiously this year. I really do. So far, so good... lol

Patrice said...

Jennifer- I totally thought your comment would go a different direction. I really can't believe the Dodgers are up 2-0 on the road...but it's awesome!