Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We Have No Record of your Reservation

Aaargh...I called the hotel we are staying at in Florida in a few days to confirm the reservation and they have no record of it. I booked it through American Airlines Vacations so I could pay with miles. AA is trying to get the hotel confirmation number for me so I can call the hotel again. I usually book directly with the hotel to avoid this kinds of problems, but since I am paying with miles I used AA. I also called the Palazzo in Vegas to get them to adjust the rate on our rooms for December since it came down. The rate was adjusted, but they said they could not refund the difference in my deposit until I arrive at the hotel. Since I also booked a room for my in laws, this is now a big hassle. I ended up booking two more rooms online at the new rate and now need to call back again to cancel the original two. I don't know whey they make this so difficult. I really don't like talking to people to make reservations for things (travel, restaurants, hair, etc). It's so much easier to do everything online. So that was a half hour of my life wasted that I will never get back...oh, and I still don't know if I have a room in Florida yet or not.


Nicholas said...

I can't find your Thursday Thirteen!

Anonymous said...

I hate talking to anyone in customer service over the phone. I never seem to get anywhere! I reserve EVERYTHING online also. I was thrilled that when we moved, I was able to move all the utilities online too!

You must take pictures inside the Pallazzo... we will never get to stay there!