Friday, December 19, 2008

Hoping for Good Weather

Who would have thought I would have to worry about the weather in Vegas??? My Christmas trip has us going to California with a one day stop in Vegas. My husband's parents are driving out to Vegas from CA as well. Hopefully the craziness will stop since we fly from here to Vegas on the 23rd, then Vegas to Orange County on the 24th and finally Orange County back to VA on the 26th. I am really hoping the weather across the country clears up and doesn't cause us any problems since we don't have any room for delays. I paid a fortune yesterday to ship all the gifts to get there by the 24th and I want to be there to see them opened.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no!! I just wrote about this in my blog too, I can't BELIEVE they got so much snow in Vegas! I hope it all clears up for you. :)