Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Ok, who out there is a regifter? I have heard a lot recently on the radio and on the internet about regifting. Some say there is a certain etiquette to it and some think it's not ok at all. I have received quite a few gifts that I have never used, but I didn't give them to someone else. I do admit I did once regift because we received 2 of the exact same thing when we got married so we gave one away because we really liked it and thought someone else would too. (We didn't register for gifts so there was no way for us to return it.) We weren't trying to get rid of something that we didn't like. Other than that, I think regifting is tacky because gifts should be thoughtful and if you give away something you don't like, it's showing you don't care about who you are giving the gift to (which may be the case). I am pretty sure I was the recipient of a regifted gift not once, but twice, by the same person two Christmases in a row! It actually bothered me since it is someone close to me. The gifts were so impersonal and not something at all I would like that I am pretty sure they were regifted. After the second time I just stopped putting a lot of effort into what I got this person going forward for gifts. I actually enjoy trying to find things people would like. So to everyone out there...don't take the easy way out...put some effort into it and get people something they would really like.


Laura said...

I am totally not a regifter but have a funny story. My friend got a gift from a sister in law (a leather attache case) and it still had the card tucked inside from when the first person had given it to the sister! Now that's bad! At least remove the card if you're going to regift!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the age old debate about regifting. Here's my thoughts on it. First of all, I never regift anything that's tacky and that I don't like. If I get a tacky gift, I either give it to GoodWill (maybe someone ELSE will like it...) or throw it out if it's just small and useless. I've gotten MANY gifts I cannot use and are simply nothing I would ever want.

If I get something that I truly feel is nice, but I can't use I wouldn't have any problem giving it to someone else. Here's an example... one time I got a beautiful Nutcracker. It was really cool, but I just don't decorate for Xmas. We have nowhere to put nice things without them getting broken by the cats (and imagine the tree - omg forget it!) I gave it to a friend of mine who collects them. She LOVED IT. I at least have standards when I regift things. lol.

Speaking of tacky (maybe I can just ramble a little more...) we are expecting a most tacky gift this year that will be going to GoodWill. We had a grill on our Amazon.com wish list. A NICE Weber grill. Someone in Kevin's family who has very little money wants to get us a "novelty" grill, so they told my IL's not to buy us the grill. The IL's already had it for us, but said they couldn't give it to us because of the "family politics." Kevin and I are 100% CERTAIN we're getting a keg grill. Certain. We like to drink as much as any normal couple. No one has a CLUE what to give us. They get us liquor-related things that go to good use... but I don't want them for Xmas every year!!!!

So, that is definitely a gift I will not give to anyone. I'd be too embarrassed. It's going to GoodWill.