Monday, December 1, 2008

Southerners Taking Care of Southerners

The drive to the resort we went to for Thanksgiving was a little under a 4 hour drive away. Most of the drive was in Virginia and then we crossed over into West Virginia for the last 10 miles or so. Here in Virginia the police do not drive around in traffic looking for people driving in an unsafe manor. They hide....often in unmarked cars. If you get pulled over, you get a ticket, not warning to just slow down. We were driving anywhere from 75 to 84 MPH and the speed limit was 65. On the drive there we passed a couple cops hiding, but felt like we slowed down enough in time to not get a ticket. Phew! On the drive back, I got really nervous because we passed a couple cops while going well over 80 and still did not get pulled over. I finally figured it out...they were only pulling over people with out of state license plates! It became comical at how fast we would pass them and then see cars from other states pulled over. Every time we passed a car that was pulled over, I would look to see the plates and then laugh that none of them were from Virginia. I do believe this is one of the first perks I have found from living here. Unfortunately this rule doesn't seem apply during the morning or evening rush hour.

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