Monday, December 8, 2008

Jenny Craig: Week 1

I consider week 1 on Jenny Craig to be a success. I lost 3.6 pounds and that includes the Thanksgiving weekend since my initial weigh in was the day before turkey day. I met with my counselor and she asked how things went and what challenges I have for the upcoming week. I have not experienced any of the negative things about JC that I read online. I have not been pushed to buy things and they are very accommodating about changes to the meal plans for things I do not like or things I want to add.

As for the food, it's not gourmet, but I like it. Some things better than others, but overall I would say it is a little better than the Lean Cuisine or Smart Ones from the grocery store. I like the convenience of not having to think about what I eat. I just look at the menu and eat what it says. I know this will eventually get boring, but JC is not forever.

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